Will Milk be the Comeback Kid?
Topic: Let's increase consumption of fluid milk Posted by: Annie Kramer on 09/27/2017 9:20:40 PM

In the past three decades, there has been a decline in milk consumption year over year, with a 25% drop since 1975. Over the last 6 years we’ve seen a steady decline of 3% YOY (IRI: total U.S., all dairy milk, MULO data since 2011).


One factor has been a rise in plant based alternatives ranging from soy to almond to cashew “milks”. There has also been a substantial message that these milks are better for you than cow’s milk. 


Other considerations could include the wealth of information available to consumers, health trends or perceptions of the industry.


With the increasing desire for natural and whole foods we may see this trend reverse. Dairy has and always will be a whole and natural food at its core. How do we as the biggest dairy cooperative in the U.S. capitalize on this trend and shed light on the spectacular nutrition dairy has to offer?



Comment By Chris Keyes Oct 27 2017

MilkPEP has been the leading voice for our industry on the nutritional benefits of milk. The double digit growth of flavored milk over the past two years is evidence that MilkPEPs advertising campaigns are having an impact with consumers, most particularly young and active consumers. Much work is being done now by MilkPEP behind the Milk Life campaign to bring the same level of impact to conventional white milk consumption. But we can't stop there. Every one of us needs to be part of the solution, and finding a solution to the current conventional white milk consumption trends will be challenging. Please join the effort. Send us your ideas, express your opinions, and challenge your co-workers to do the same. Thank you!
Comment By Chris Keyes Feb 18 2018

Everyday I think about how to make milk the comeback kid. The question that keeps jumping out at me is "Why not milk?" Rather than list all the fabulous nutritional benefits of milk and great taste of nature's perfect drink, maybe we need to offer the challenge of making the plant-based beverage imposters show why their beverages are more nutritious than the real nutrition and taste king?

I look forward to receiving your thoughts. I'll jump on each week to continue the dialogue!