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Topic: Let's talk innovation Posted by: Annie Kramer on 09/21/2017 8:30:56 AM

I'm sure you've heard of 3M's "30 percent rule" or Google's "20 percent time"—it refers to the amount of time these companies encourage their employees to think creatively. In an industry like dairy, even 10 percent on most days seems like it would be tough to set aside to focus on things outside of your job role.


And while time is a barrier to thinking creatively, an innovation program can also cause more harm than good: 


The Tidal Wave of Unfiltered Ideas 

Too many ideas can lead to a lack of focus and a lack of action. The innovation team is here to ensure we have a structure in place to consolidate ideas, and get the right stuff to the right people.


Build the Wall

While it's important to have a process around an innovation program, it's also important not to overcomplicate the process. Time consuming paperwork and processes to have your ideas heard hurts more than helps—which is why we created the Make it Better platform.


So, what does it take to be successful?

  • An innovation process and pipeline
  • Prioritization
  • Solution exploration
  • The ability to be disruptive


Good news for DFA?

We're working on it. Keep an eye out for information about Ignite as we continue to grow and improve the program.


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