Innovation needs to be focused
Topic: Let's talk innovation Posted by: Annie Kramer on 09/20/2017 10:09:21 PM

In a lot of situations, people see innovation solely as ideas when in reality innovation comes from those ideas that are put into action to create value. 


Value means different things to different companies, and Kevin Hagino, senior regional brand manager, Southeast Asia, LEGO, said it well when he stated "Innovation is like a Ferrari – it’s cool and fast, but also has the capacity to write you off completely. The main pitfall is doing something because it’s new and shiny, rather than because it's fundamentally anchored in its business or brand."


So many people think of innovation as a huge win—when usually that's not the case. Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes. Yes, it can be the next Amazon but it can also be a small improvement on the plant floor that makes the operation more efficient or saves money for the organization.


Ideas can be big or small or anywhere along that spectrum. Either way we are still providing value to our farmer-owners and the Cooperative.


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